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How can I volunteer for erinlayo ?
If you are interested in volunteering in a shop, call into your nearest shop for further information. You can also find information on other volunteer positions. If there is not a position that suits you can submit a general application by email. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to find a suitable post. Once you have submitted your application, we will contact you with details of the selection process.You may also wish to organise event to support our work, we will give you all necessary guidance on organising any fund raising event.

How can I volunteer overseas ?
We do not send volunteers overseas. In common with many other major overseas charities, projects that erinlayo supports are actually managed by development agencies local to the country or region in need. These agencies mostly find the workers they need among the local population.

However, for further information you may want to try the World Service Enquiry website or search the internet for other voluntary organizations.

I need a visa to volunteer in the United Kingdom – can erinlayo support my Visa?
erinlayo is not able to support individuals who need visas to come to the UK to volunteer. erinlayo cannot support volunteer visas, as we do not have the correct license to do so.

I already have a UK visa/work permit and I am based in the United Kingdom, can I volunteer for erinlayo ?
Most UK visas allow people to volunteer, although some may have restrictions to the number of hours you can volunteer/work. If you are not sure if your visa allows you to volunteer we suggest you contact the UK Borders and Immigration erinlayo is not able to support applications for volunteer visas as we do not have the correct license to do so.

Please note that Tourist/ Visitor visas and Student Visitor visas (usually students visiting for 6 months or less) do not allow people to volunteer.