Why working towards poverty eradication?

It’s a basic question, but a good one.

Why does Erinlayo bother?

Why put so much energy into saving lives, campaigning for change, and developing projects to give people more control over their future?

The answer is basic too. Belief – belief that in a wealthy world poverty is unjustifiable, and can be prevented. Belief that injustice must be challenged. And belief that with the right help, poor people themselves can change their lives for the better, for good.

To alleviate poverty we must tackle


A person without education in a developing world is almost certainly confined to a life of poverty. Such a person is more vulnerable to sickness and job losses where it exists, which is a great barrier to social equality. By supporting schools and communities to areas
we work.


Erinlayo believes that there is a lot people can do to maintain their health as long as they have the right information. Through our mobile health clinic we aim to reduce instances of death caused by preventable diseases such as typhoid. We will do this by giving assistance to purchase drugs and cost of hospital treatment by selection based on need and resources.

  • £30 will pay for a child’s annual school fees.
  • £10 buys a school uniform and sandals for 1 child.
  • £120 pays for doctor providing free medical services in a month.
  • £20 covers the cost of drugs treating a malaria.
  • £500 buys enough building block for a medium size classroom
  • £20 will feed a disabled person for a week.

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