A person without education in a developing world is almost certainly confined to a life of poverty. Such a person is more vulnerable to sickness and job losses where it exists, which is a great barrier to social equality. By supporting schools and communities in areas where we work, we are confident to reduce poverty as gain the skills that provide opportunity for meaningful employment.

By supporting schools and communities in areas we operate, we are confident to increase social equality.

We know from experiences that education breaks the shackle of poverty. Education leads to real freedom and choice, it is the leading driver of better health and opportunities.

In West Africa, education means increase earning power and political empowerment. It gives the people the confidence to challenge their government and skills to organise themselves. In fact many of the countries constitution have a minimum level of for education for political posts.

As you will notice from these pictures education is in crisis. The elite minority middle class send their children to private schools. It is widely regarded that a lack of education equals lack of opportunity, education help people develop the skills they need to make themselves heard, make positive changes in their lives and break the cycle of poverty. Many pupils/students missed school not through choice but because of being too poor. Cost of school fees, uniforms and books are more than many parents can afford. Communities quite often cannot afford to maintain their schools. Where the parents send their children to school, it is often the boys that get to go.

Girls may either be kept at home to help with household chores or for other reasons but quite often it is due to lack of money. These girls grow into motherhood, their exclusion from education only worsen their inequality and wretchedness.

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  • Fundraising
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Donate We will help buy bricks and mortar to rebuild and/or provide extra classrooms and equip it. In other cases we help towards the cost of school uniform and books whilst other may get a year or two bursaryship. We might support and help organize communities to demand what is rightfully theirs from their government. In this way, we try to influence funding and push for better access to schools.


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