Welfare of the Disabled and Elderly:

Theses two groups are undoubtedly amongst the most vulnerable members of the society in developing world.

The combination of disability with poverty brings health challenges: when the two occur together, problems are intensified. Many disabled in countries of this region beg on the street for survival, due to the level of poverty their families either abandon them or are unable to cope.

Like other parts of the world, West Africa nations have to face the challenges of disability. As a result of poverty and in part to its recent civil wars, the challenges are marked. A number of countries in the region ranked bottom in the UN Human Development Index 2005. The regional big economies of Ghana and Nigeria offer very little in the way of service to disable people talk less of opportunities. Many of the West African countries have any coordinating approach to disable issues. We are working towards a society where disabled people given the opportunity play active roles in their families and societies.

Some may ask why disabled? The answer is based on a number of researches that confirms that in every country, people with disabilities are among the poorest. There are little or no opportunities available for disabled people to express themselves and to contribute to their development or that of their family, community or nation.

The same logic may be applied to old age people, with spread of diseases, grandparents are increasingly becoming the main carers to many orphans.

In all countries in the region, the percentage of disabled children going to school is tiny as is the percentage of disabled adults in mainstream jobs. A lack of education and employment has resulted in the impoverishment of many people with disabilities. Legislations to protect and promote the dignity of persons with disabilities are either absent or lacking force.

Our education projects will promote mainstreaming and enable children with disabilities to access primary school education. We will provide economic empowerment by providing vocational skills training programs for disabled youths and micro credit revolving loan schemes for parents of children with disabilities.

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